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About Us

About Bright Life Solutions

Bright Life Solutions Story

Our story is one of innovation, of dreaming beyond the ordinary, of caring for the common man which would translate into creating a business empire whose greatest wealth were its people, whose greatest success was its passion, and whose only philosophy- dare to dream and make those dreams come alive. Our story led by leaders, innovators, philanthropists and entrepreneurs who cared deeply about giving the common man a platform where he could have freedom of dignity, freedom of choice and the biggest dream of all- financial freedom.

The legacy of caring, of dreaming big, of creating revolutionary ideas has been carried forward by Mr Dheeraj Agarwal .He has an intuitive entrepreneurial mind that is constantly striving to bring new and radical ideas to life. At the helm of all new businesses, he plays a vital role in the group with his expertise in conceptualizing, strategizing and setting up new ventures.

Mission Statement

  • By empathizing with consultants we will take ownership to solve their problems
  • By empowering a consultant to become a leader we will strengthen his group and increase longevity
  • By having a constant interaction with consultants we will strive to solve their problems
  • By recognizing the potential in every individual we will maximise their results
  • By attaining these we will win a smile to all consultants at the end of the day
  • Values
  • Fair-play
  • Quality
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity & Innovation